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Shadow Minister to Focus on Wine Grapes & Almonds

May 29, 2015
Shadow Minister for Agriculture, David Ridgway is in the Riverland today, discussing growth opportunities for local food, beverage and tourism businesses.



Why does Swiss cheese have those holes? We have the answer!

May 29, 2015
It has been hay all along. Yep, that’s right. Small particles of hay in the milk used to make cheese is what causes the holes - not bacteria as previously thought. After a century of research, a team…
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The News of the Week

A couple of big stories this week to chat about and as always Mitch was all over them.

Graham the Horseman from…

We had a few laughs about our horseriding skills this morning. Plus there are some great…

Cod Stockers

A dedicated group of recreational fishing people have formed a group to work with Gov…

Library Week and our…

Interesting to hear some of the activities that are on at our libraries this week and…
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